The Memory of a Baby Shower
Written by Won Lee
Translated by Kira Green

When still resting inside mom. Arms and legs sprouted and fingers and toes appeared. Wiggling, bending, grabbing like a flipper, stretching and expanding.

What is this, having looked at the hand for a long time (I donít know why the knee bent at this moment). Just pushed forward to see, and the hands grew big. Just brought upward, and the arms stretched and stretched and entwined like a pretzel. What am I supposed to do with these, hands open, the body tumbles and falls on my bottom. Why do these exist, the feet pulled, swollen puffy and growing larger than the head. Time, while standing on the water, jumping, paused instantly. I see that the ankle can be suddenly cut off when pausing like an ice sculpture. The angel raised the flag, but which side won? Playing make-face-balloon game, the eyebrows rise as if petulant. Oh, oh, after looking around, baffled, scared, still laughing faces, these faces keep appearing.

Oh, my, the party 23 of me organized. Going left, me on the left, foot stretched, me with a stretched foot, can you see the wing? I, who became an angel. While in the sloshing water of mom, we had a baby shower. That time inside mom, were we yawning bore? Or realizing that we could see momís face only after we said goodbye to mom, was it a party for mom.

Water inside mom, a little fishy, sweet and making us want to cry a little. The memory of the baby shower we had inside momís body, isnít that the reason we want to cry, lean against and float freely. Then, did we jumped out of momís body, did the waterfall suddenly flow, or were we on the way up to float. On the way down to sink? Where was the exit. Then, was there a shame while inside mom. All were wearing red panties. Was that the red panties? What was it that did not completely dr?. Hm, anyway, the red panties are my favorites. Because it is strong and sad.


Lee, Won, Research Institute of Korean Studies, October 2011.