Kyung Jeon-Sukie Park-Korea Daily NY press-graphic

Three Distinct Female Painters To Pay Attention To
Jeon Kyung, Paik Younhee, and Kwak Sun K. to hold solo exhibitions in New York, San Francisco, and the U.K.

Jeon Kyung’s “One Thousand and One Nights”


Painter Jeon Kyung (Korean name: Kyung Hee)’s works are probably the direct opposite to the macroscopic worldviews of Paik Younhee.

Jeon is a storyteller. Her paintings portraying countless boys and girls absorbed in some sort of activity is reminiscent of The Garden of Earthly Delights, a masterpiece of Hieronymus Bosch, housed in the Museo del Prado in Madrid.

Her solo exhibition is held from June 3rd to July 3rd at the Tina Kim Gallery in Chelsea, New York. The exhibition entitled “Belle Rascal” depicts moments and emotions that are simultaneously raised in fantasy islands.

This exhibition will showcase two major works made with watercolor pencils on rice paper, titled Little Persons, Big Steps, and A Weeping Willow, in addition to the sketches and drawings.

Jeon seems to create a resistance against the patriarchal and one-dimensional prejudice about girls and women by showing her work processes. Many layers of complex emotions are entangled in the interior of femininity. Perhaps her use of rice paper over canvas is a kind of rebellion against the smooth surface.

“I developed a technique using rice paper over canvas a long time ago. At first, I used rice paper to make a connection to my roots as a Korean, but now, this medium that easily tears, folds, and is textural has become my language of expression.”

The works on rice paper on canvas depict a kind of unfamiliar utopia based on One Thousand and One Nights instead of a heaven. Jeon was born in Jersey City, and graduated from School of Visual Arts. She is the recipient of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Fellowship and has also received a grant from the Pollack-Krasner Foundation.

Park, Sukie, “Three Distinct Female Painters to Pay Attention To,” The Korea Daily New York, May 28, 2010.